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I pledge that I’ll behave like an adult at health care town halls


I came across the Service Employees Town hall “pledge” this weekend. It appears that the unions heavies haven’t gotten around to signing it.

“If were[sic] going to have a successful democratic society, we have to have a well educated and healthy citizenr [sic].” —Thomas Jefferson

Town Hall Meetings are a Pillar of our American Democracy, but Members of the Radical Fringe are Hijacking Town Halls with Cheap Scare Tactics and Intimidation.

Some members of the radical fringe and naysayers of reform are using disruptive tactics in an effort to hijack democratic forums. Not only are they preventing participants from having a meaningful discussion, they aim to intimidate and invoke fear. These lobbyist-run groups have overstepped their bounds. It’s time to reclaim our democracy and have a civil debate on how to fix our broken health insurance system.

Protect Our Democracy

No one should be subjected to the scare tactics of those who want to delay and deny healthcare. Sign this pledge and take back your democratic freedom:

  1. I am attending this town hall to learn and contribute to public discourse.
  2. I hereby pledge to contribute to public debate about important healthcare issues our country faces without being disruptive or disrespectful.
  3. I will honor the long-standing American tradition of town hall meetings an public forums to allow citizens to participate in our democracy.
  4. I pledge to allow the opinions of fellow attendees to be heard even if I disagree.
  5. Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________

Here’s how people live up to their pledge:


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