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SEIU Doesn’t Seem To Want To Stop Fighting With UNITE HERE

andysternRandy Shaw continues to document the SEIU-UNITE HERE fight, blasting Andy Stern for alleging in a memo last week that the unions are “close to putting the dispute with UNITE HERE behind us.” According to Shaw, Stern’s “rosy assessment has no basis in reality”:

While he spoke of promoting labor peace, SEIU moved to de-certify a UNITE HERE bargaining unit in Puerto Rico, and up-ended a critical UNITE HERE election at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. In addition, the Workers United website accuses UNITE HERE President John Wilhelm of betraying workers, and charges UNITE HERE with giving “employers an excuse to mess with workers rights.” Unfortunately, Stern’s peace offensive has been merely rhetorical. Stern knows a settlement with UNITE HERE is not close, and appears to be simply buying time to reverse growing media, labor movement, and internal criticism of his union’s actions.

Stern has been finding himself increasingly isolated amongst the labor movement, finding himself the subject of blame in a New York Times article and condemnation by other labor leaders. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t look like he has any real interest in ending his battle with UNITE HERE. If EFCA (hopefully) finds itself dead in the water, Stern’s labor brethren will most likely look at him as the source of blame for their misfortunes.

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