Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Bruce Raynor’s “Labor Cannibalism”

braynorThe Washington Times featured a scathing editorial highlighting a recent favorite topic of mine: the UNITE HERE civil war and grudge match between John Wilhelm and Bruce Raynor.

The editorial, appropriately titled “Labor Cannibalism” makes many of the same arguments I’ve made about why the union conflict is a good reason to not pass EFCA:

One of many good reasons to oppose the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act,” otherwise known as the “card check” bill, is because it would further empower union bosses not just against employers but at the expense of union members themselves. Anybody who doubts that labor chieftains often work against the interests of the rank and file need only consider recently ousted “general president” of the UNITE-HERE union, Bruce Raynor.

It’s a quick read and a good reminder about the pitfalls of union leadership, which unfortunately comes at the expense of hardworker union members.

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