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SHOCKING – SEIU Accused Of Vandalism Towards Opposing Union

The Fresno Business Journal is reporting that employees of the SEIU have been accused of acts of vandalism toward opposing union supporters.

The SEIU and the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) are embroiled in a contest to organize home care workers in the Fresno area. About 10,000 workers will vote to decide whether they want to remain members of SEIU or join NUHW.

In one incident, an SEIU worker allegedly tore down a home care worker’s sign on her door:

“I was extremely upset,” said Silbenia Conley of Kerman. She said she witnessed a heavyset African-American male come to her door, allegedly tear down a red NUHW support sign, replace it with a SEIU magnetized sign, then speed off in a newer silver-gray Chevy Malibu.

Conley said she has no idea how the SEIU found her address. She filed a report and was told that by the police that tearing down her NUHW sign constituted theft.

And in a separate incident, an SEIU worker allegedly kicked in the screen on a worker’s front door:

In a separate incident, Lesalie Kyle of Clovis said she witnessed a man wearing a purple SEIU t-shirt allegedly kick in the screen on her front door, then place several SEIU flyers in front of her NUHW support poster.

This is yet another reminder of the type of tactics and measures that unions resort to in order to intimidate and coerce workers. It’s bad enough that this type of activity occurs.  It’s a fair warning to legislators and voters about how unions will operate if they have free reign under EFCA. After all, if this is how they treat other unions, how will they act when they’re trying to organize non-union employees?

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