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Unions Resort To Intimidation Against CVS

cvslogoThe Houston Chronicle reported on Change To Win’s protest efforts against pharmacy retailer CVS, providing a revealing look at how unions operate intimidation and misinformation campaigns.

Change to Win, a labor conglomerate which includes unions like the SEIU and UFCW, has targeted CVS for “questionable business practices.” But in reality, the campaign is a union-coordinated effort to pressure the retailer because the company wanted to preserve the secret ballot option for its employees.

Unions, who are trying to make it easier to organize by bypassing the secret ballot option through card check, opposed this measure. But since they couldn’t actually force CVS to change its mind, they decided to wage a retaliatory campaign in order to shame and humiliate the company.

According to A. Kevin Troutman, a labor lawyer who was interviewed for the story, Change to Win’s consumer-based, “grassroots” accusations have all the markings of a corporate campaign. Unions have resorted to such tactics by “complaining to regulators, generating bad publicity, launching boycotts and picketing board members at their homes.” Troutman said, “I’d be amazed if this is purely a coincidence.”

Labor’s campaign against CVS is not a coincidence. It is just another example of unions resorting to intimdation to get their way.

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