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Card Check Op-Ed/Editorial Roundup

martinezSenator Mel Martinez of Florida pens an op-ed in yesterday’s The Politico calling card check a false solution. Martinez highlights how EFCA effectively eliminates the secret ballot and explains the economically devastating consequences of binding arbitration. The senator packs his piece at the end with a punch, writing that he “escaped the communist oppression of Cuba”  and that it did not sit well with him to “see a bill that eliminates the secret ballot and would impose contracts on workers and private enterprises without their vote or consent.”

Foster’s Daily Democrat in New Hampshire published a scathing editorial against EFCA. The Democrat called the bill “downright dangerous – to both those who support unions and oppose them.” The editorial argues against the effective elimination of the secret ballot, pointing out that this would only increase union intimidation of workers. For proof, the Democrat referred to the University of New Hampshire, where unionizers were harassing workers during lunch hours until they were caught. This only prompted them to move to “unannounced and repeated visits to workers at their homes.”

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