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Another One Bites the Dust

A federal judge in Manhattan sentenced Brian M. McLaughlin, the former president of the New York City Central Labor Council, to 10 years in prison for racketeering charges.

McLaughlin, who had also been an state assemblyman from Queens, pleaded guilty in 2008 to racketeering charges that included embezzlement, fraud, and bribery. The former labor leader/assemblyman swindled his own election committee, labor union, taxpayers, and even a Little League team.

McLaughlin managed to serve as both a state assemblyman and the head of the labor council made up of 400 union locals and more than one million members. His dual capacity as legislator and labor boss was described as “unusual, and lucrative.” He reportedly earned at least $263,000 a year.

A document released showed McLaughlin agreed to foreit more than $3 million in “illegal proceeds from his crimes.” Prosecutors had charged McLaughlin with misappropriating more than $330,000 from his re-election committee, $185,000 from the labor union, and more than $35,000 from the New York State Assembly.

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