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Coalition Responds To Wash Post Editorial On EFCA

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace chairman Brian Worth responded to The Washington Post‘s editorial on card check with his own op-ed. Worth makes several key arguments against some of the proposed compromises to EFCA.

1. Unions are not losing secret-ballot elections. Worth cites recent analysis of NLRB data by the Bureau of National Affairs that found that unions won 66.8 percent of elections in 2008 and that there were actually more union elections held than the previous year.

2. Speeding up elections is not the solution. Worth again references NLRB data, which showed that the average time to complete a secret-ballot election in 2008 was 38 days, down from 50 days in 1980. Surely something as important as joining a union, which requires automatic paycheck deduction for dues and relying upon “frequently underfunded union pensions,” merits some time for workers to decide.

3. Rushed elections hurt small businesses. Worth points out that most small businesses do not have legal or human resources to help follow the NLRB’s complicated election procedures. Imagine if you were a small business owner with thin-enough margins and you had to spend thousands of dollars to hire an attorney. Most small business owners are focused on running their business.

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