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Potential EFCA Compromises On The Table

Word has started to emerge about potential EFCA compromises stemming from talks between Senators who previously expressed concern with certain provisions of the legislation.

The New York Times is reporting on Senator Dianne Feinstein’s proposal to allow workers to sign cards and mail them directly to the National Labor Relations Board. Under Feinstein’s plan, the board would certify the union if a majority of workers mailed in their cards seeking a union. Several labor leaders have said they would support having “quick elections,” which would call for a secret ballot election one to two weeks after the National Labor Relations Board orders an election to be held.

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that a compromise would drop card check in favor of “quick elections” that could take place within 21 days.  The article discloses that the possible compromise seeks a greater role for mediators in negotiations and restricts the authority of arbitrators to decide contracts. However, arbitrators could still have a role in determining certain contract provisions.

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