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Former Sec of Labor Elaine Chao: Obama Tries To Stop Union Disclosure

We’ve already highlighted the breathtaking hypocrisy of unions on disclosure and transparency. But for good measure, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, takes the Obama administration to task for significantly weakening and reversing union disclosure requirements.

Chao points out the flaws in the Department of Labor’s decision to roll back LM-2 rules requiring detailed accounting of how union officials compensate themselves with union members’ dues. The former Secretary also criticizes the Adminstration’s decision to not enforce union compliance with conflict-of-interest disclosure forms (the LM-30 form).

Chao also confronts EFCA, highlighting the effective elimination of the secret ballot and the denial of workers’ ability to ratify a contract under binding arbitration. The takeaway from Chao’s op-ed:

“The Obama administration likes to say that it is “pro-worker.” But something is amiss when its labor priorities are forcing unionization and labor contracts on American workplaces, and denying union members information on how their dues money is spent.”

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