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Labor Flexes Muscle In Obama Administration

The Washington Times summarizes how labor has benefited from and influenced President Obama’s appointments and policy shifts.

In his first 100 days, President Obama has:

Appointed the SEIU’s lawyer and a pro-union labor lawyer to the National Labor Relations Board.

Elevated a sitting National Labor Relations Board member, a former Teamsters lawyer, to chairman of the board.

Selected former executive director of pro-union group American Rights At Work as senior adviser to the Secretary of Labor.

Issued executive orders that required employers to post information about workers can form a union, prevent contractors from seeking reimbursement from the federal government for expenses incurred in anti-union campaigns, rescind a rule requiring employers to post information on how to limit financial support for unions, and requiring federal construction projects to favor “project labor agreements” that basically sets aside jobs for union workers.

Signed union-backed legislation making it easier for workers to sue employers for wage discrimination.

Signed legislation that ended a pilot program opposed by the Teamsters allowing Mexican trucks into the U.S., despite complaints that this violated NAFTA.

Rescinded or seeking to rescind financial disclosure and transparency rules for labor unions.

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