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News Roundup: How EFCA could change health care

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) has an op-ed that analyzes EFCA’s effects on health care providers. The gist of his argument–that unions are slow and inflexible–is exactly the opposite of what health care needs. He’s got a point. Just look at the 5,000 pages of contracts with the Big 3.

Ben Smith’s blog at Politico has an update about the split between Unite and HERE.

Jack Cipriani of the Teamsters tries to pull a fast one in an op-ed, claiming that “According to National Labor Relations Board, there have been only 42 cases alleging intimidation or coercion against unions over the past 70 years.” Really? Less than one a year?

If that number seems a little low, that’s because it’s off by an order of magnitude. We’ve written about this before under myths and facts about card check. The NLRB itself only hears a minute fraction of the cases processed by the NLRB?s General Council?s office. Cipriani’s claim is like suggesting that there were only a handful of murders in the United States last year because that is how many the Supreme Court considered. The NLRB’s Case Tracking Database reveals that between 2000 and 2005 the NLRB processed 1,417 cases of unions making coercive statements, 1,325 cases of unions making threatening statements, 546 cases of harassment, and 416 cases of violence or assault.

Union bosses know they can’t win on the facts, so they’ll cherry pick and distort. Remember how ARAW clipped the Wall Street Journal?

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