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News Roundup: Feinstein Out, More Union Hypocrisy

According to the LA Times, Sen. Feinstein is backing off of EFCA. Also interesting is this quote farther down from Christy Setzer of the SEIU: “Passing the Employee Free Choice Act would be like a mini-economic stimulus package — pumping approximately $49 billion into the economy each year at a time when working families need it most.” I think she meant to say “unions” instead of “economy.”

Citing a Supreme Court case, who is behind the following quote? The “representation election system provides the surest means of avoiding decisions which are ‘the result of group pressures and not individual decision.’” If you guessed the AFL-CIO, you’re right. Doug Bandow analyzes this and more labor hypocrisy here.

There’s a good op-ed over at the American Thinker that explains how unions are undermining their own members. Some members might be figuring this out, as we’ve seen over the past few weeks when SEIU members were protesting SEIU.

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