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News Roundup: Buffet, UNITE HERE, and Votes

Warren Buffet comes out against EFCA on CNBC.


John Wilhelm makes another statement on the divisions at UNITE HERE.  Wilhelm says:

This secession faction is backed by an unprecedented campaign of intimidation and harassment of UNITE HERE members, orchestrated by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and its political consultant, Steve Rosenthal.

It seems that the UNITE HERE civil war is spilling over into the labor movement as a whole. This gets more interesting every week.

15 UNITE HERE Joint Boards vote to disaffiliate from the international union.

How will Pryor, Lincoln, and Landrieu vote on EFCA? No one seems to know.

The union at the San Francisco Chronicle is considering a bold move.  The workers want to purchase the failing newspaper.  With so many unions stubbornly making the tiniest concessions in the middle of this downturn, it’s nice to see a union that literally wants to invest in its workplace.

Speaking of stubborn unions……some UAW locals at Ford are rejecting the new concessions.

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