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The Labor Relations Institute Offers a $10,000 Challenge

Here’s the challenge:

Exposing a key flaw of the Employee Free Choice Act, the Labor Relations Institute is offering a $10,000 reward to the first Federal arbitrator who can show they have settled a first contract between a union and a private-sector employer in less than 90 days.

This 90-day time line is especially challenging for small businesses and organizations with no experience with unionization.  Card check can create a union overnight with the assistance of trained union organizers from the big unions.  The union organizers can have all of their negotiation strategies and resources ready before the card check campaign even begins.  This gives the union a grossly unfair advantage in a negotiation process with a short time limit.

This is yet another challenge that the supporters of EFCA can’t meet. We are still waiting for ARAW and Andy Stern to respond to our debate requests. The unions have turned down similar challenges to show where in the Employee Free Choice Act are workers given the right to choose a vote.

Hopefully, this challenge will reveal this aspect of EFCA which is just as damaging as eliminating the right to a secret ballot election.

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