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News Roundup: California, Constitutions, and Psychics?

A wave of editorials against EFCA came out this weekend. If you haven’t checked our list of anti-EFCA editorials lately, do so! We’re up to 95 now.

Unions are against a spending cap in California.

The UNITE HERE dispute finds obstacles in the union’s own constitution:

Ironically, Raynor and Wilhelm are hamstrung by a constitution they negotiated themselves. Each president has veto power over the other on almost all major decisions, from the budget to organizing campaigns.

Wilhelm and his faction of former HERE officials control the union’s General Executive Board, but the board has little power to act independently when the presidents don’t agree.

The “Save My Ballot Tour” started in North Carolina.

The Democrats are getting worried about getting enough votes to pass EFCA:

“There are no guarantees that this thing can get past cloture,” said the official. And it’s not because of Republican opposition, he added. “You’ve got Pryor and Lincoln who might not support it. There is Baucus, Landrieu, and even Bayh. And then there is Nelson of Nebraska.”

Have you had enough of politicians and analysts giving you their perspectives on the auto bailouts? How about psychics?

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