Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

News Roundup: Fights, Buyouts, and Celebrations

USA Today is interviewing Andy Stern and wants to know, “What would you ask SEIU President Andy Stern?” There are a lot good questions in the comments section.  Let’s hope USA Today uses some of them.

Solis is finally cleared as the new labor secretary.  Big Labor is overjoyed.

Politico covers EFCA’s slowdown.  How’s this for some spin:

Union lobbyists say they are not bothered by the delay, which they blame on an already packed congressional agenda being overtaken by the current economic crisis.

Aren’t labor unions supposed to bring back the middle class and build a strong economy? So why would an economic crisis delay EFCA?

The infighting continues at UNITE HERE:

“This is an example of Bruce Raynor’s take-no-prisoners tactics,” the official, Pilar Weiss, told me, referring to UNITE HERE’s president. “They are no different from the the mail from the most anti-union employers.”

Ouch. That’s harsh.

Top Ford execs take pay cuts and offer workers buyouts.

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