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EFCA Vote Count: Coleman up by 2 votes


As of yesterday, Sen. Norm Coleman led Democratic challenger Al Franken by 2 votes. The Minnesota Canvassing Board has awarded 253 challenged ballots to Coleman and 439 ballots to Franken.

Depending on who you talk to the Senate is somewhere between 57 and 59 pro-EFCA votes. Sixty votes are necessary to break a Republican filibuster and pass the bill. With Franken in the Senate, all eyes would turn to Sens. Spector and Lincoln, who has both expressed reservations about the bill.

UPDATE: Other news sources are reporting Coleman’s up by 5 votes. I’m going from the vote totals at Minnesota Public Radio, which has been pretty accurate thus far.

UPDATE 2: The Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio are both reporting that Franken’s lead is passed 250 votes.

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