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EFAC Launches Anti-EFCA Campaign With National TV Ad


On Monday The Employee Freedom Action Committee (EFAC) is launching the second phase of its public education campaign with an aggressive television ad that addresses how the Employee “Forced” Choice Act will further hurt the economy. The ad, which is running nationally on CNN and Fox News, details how union leaders played a substantial role in the demise of the U.S. auto industry.

EFAC has already spent $20 million – the most of any anti-EFCA organization – on a public education campaign criticizing the attempt by labor unions and their friends in Congress to eliminate the secret ballot vote in union organizing elections.

The transcript of the new ad is as follows:

Steel, Auto, Airlines
What do these industries all have in common?
Hundreds of thousands of lost jobs and union bosses that helped put them out of business.
If you think the economy is bad now, it could get worse.
Union bosses are pushing their own bailout bill in Congress that could force employees to pay union dues against their will.
Economists say it will cost jobs and damage the economy.
Fight the Employee “Forced” Choice Act at

“If Americans like what the unions did to Detroit’s economy, they’ll love what the unions will do to the country,” said Richard Berman, executive director of the Employee Freedom Action Committee. “The unions have played a significant role in nearly bankrupting the Big Three automakers with untenable inefficiencies which have put tens of thousands out of work. With the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act, unions are poised to do the same to millions of jobs across the country.”

“President-elect Obama and the incoming Congress were elected by a secret ballot vote, yet labor unions and their front groups like American Rights at Work are pursuing the effective elimination of that right for millions of Americans,” said Berman.

This campaign is the continuation of a two year effort by the Center for Union Facts and the Employee Freedom Action Committee to educate the public about corrupt union bosses. The efforts have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, CNBC, and many others.

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