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Liberal Paper Cites EFCA in Declining to Endorse Madia

In their editorial declining to endorse Democrat Ashwin Madia (a rare thing for this very liberal newspaper), the Minneapolis Star Tribune cited Madia’s dishonesty on EFCA.

As the Strib put it:

At the last debate, Madia was less polished on policy than his two rivals and repeated an error made in his endorsement interview — that the Employee Free Choice Act would not allow a unionization drive to bypass a secret ballot.

Now, we know well how often supporters of EFCA have “repeated an error” about what the bill actually does, namely take away the private ballot rights of Minnesota workers. 

It’s nice to know that honest liberals like George McGovern and, in this case, the Minneapolis Star Tribune are willing to stand up for an old fashioned democratic value, democracy in the workplace.

We hope the Star Tribune and others will join us when we call out politicians who “repeat errors” about EFCA when this bill comes up again early next year.

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