Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Let the Spin Begin

On Monday United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts will be in Kentucky to visit with his labor supporting crony Bruce Lunsford and foul-mouthed AFL-CIO labor boss Bill Londrigan. We can only imagine the spin these thugs will try to put on the labor’s agenda including the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).

Labor has already managed to mislead the public simply by the name of the legislation; can you imagine what they will try to do over the next month to force their members and others to vote for Bruce?

Remember when Cecil Roberts spoke to the Kentucky delegation at the Democratic National Convention and then conveniently forced them all to sign a petition to support the EFCA? Then Bruce issued a statement that said he “opposed intimidation in the workplace”, so which one is it Bruce because you can’t support both because that would just make you a hypocrite.

Under the EFCA, union organizers could enter workplaces and employees’ homes to collect signatures on union contracts in lieu of a private ballot election. With this new system in place, employees lose the opportunity to vote their conscience privately, free from intimidation and harassment.

Once the curtain on the ballot booth is removed the harassment begins. So Bruce are you still for the EFCA now?

On Monday, we’re sure that Lunsford, Londrigan and Roberts will stand together to deceive Kentuckians on what the true meaning of the EFCA really is. They will tell you the EFCA is good for the working men and women of Kentucky. They will say the EFCA is necessary to provide a level playing field with businesses.

Whatever their spin is, don’t believe the hype.

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