Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

LA’s Mark Zelden discusses EFCA with Jeff Crouere


On Thursday, August 28, 2008, Jeff Crouere of Ringside Politics with a Punch, had guest Mark Zelden accompany him on the show to discuss the Employee Free Choice Act. Mr. Zelden explains how the EFCA would affect the current unionization process, employees, unions, small businesses, and the economy.

Union bosses, the main supporters of the Act, claim that the act will provide a quick and easy process for employees to utilize when unionizing. However, as Mr. Zelden explains quick and easy do not translate into fair and good. The legislation is too premature, drastic, and quick to think of passing. The Act would eliminate the federally-supervised private ballot election and replace it with a process known as “card check.” Under card check, union organizers would only need 50% plus 1 person of employees to sign authorization cards. This would be the biggest change to labor relations since the Labor Relations Act of 1935.¬†

Allowing for a public decision leaves employees vulnerable to intimidation, coercion and misinformation from union organizers. Businesses are very concerned about the issue because if the Act is passed, it will upset the balance amongst employees and employers that has been established for over 60 years. Over 80% of people who participated in the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry poll believe employees should be able to choose whether they want to belong to a union through a private ballot.

The legislation is an attempt by unions to gain new members. Their membership has been declining consistently since the mid-70’s. As Zelden points out, “Altering the rules in the middle of the game when your losing is unfair.” The current process allows for fair process. In the past unions have abused their power by requesting unnecessary strikes. If this were to occur again, the economy would most¬†definitely not survive. In addition, the dues paid by the employees are not going to help the union itself but political candidates the union supports.¬†

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