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US Chamber Of Commerce Attorney Weighs in on EFCA

Popular talk show host Mike Rosen of Denver’s 850 KOA has done an excellent job informing his audience on the Employee Free Choice Act this election cycle.  In Colorado, where 18 separate ballot issues including 5 labor-related initiatives have been clogging up the airwaves, Rosen has continued to emphasize the importance of this federal issue above all others.  

Recently he interviewed Steve Law, chief legal officer and general counsel for the US Chamber of Commerce, and they discussed exactly what this deceptively-named legislation will and will not do.  Big Labor and the Democrat politicians that support it have not entered into these discussions, because as the voting public learns the facts of this legislation, including the deception and massive funding involved, they will never support it.  Listen as Steven Law Discusses Employee Free Choice Act .

In the course of the clip, you may have heard them mention the YouTube debate in which Bob Schaffer plainly discusses the Employee Free Choice Act and Mark Udall dances around the facts.  This is a recurring theme concerning EFCA, as Democrats and labor advocates of the bill are not honest about its provisions .

EFCA will not only take away workers right to a private ballot, but it also weakens the National Labor Relations Board, an arbiter that is in place between unions and business to protect workers.  Under the Act, these protections will be eliminated, essentially opening employees to LEGAL intimidation by BOTH unions AND business.  Listen as Law discusses how EFCA legalizes worker intimidation .

With all of this in mind, it is no surprise that Big Labor and their Democrat friends in the halls of Congress do not want you to know what this bill is really about.  Coloradans for Employee Freedom will continue to encourage voters to fight this Big Labor power grab to protect the American worker…

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