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Senator Sununu Opposes EFCA

In stark contrast to his democratic opponent, New Hampshire’s Senator Sununu sees EFCA for what it is: an attempt by unions with sagging membership to intimidate, harass, and coerce employees into joining a union.  Senator Sununu has the clarity to see the issue at its core stating:

The so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” is anything but. By reversing the decades-long practice of secret ballots at the workplace, its enactment would force workers to stand up and declare their vote in front of both union bosses and employers — subjecting them to intimidation and coercion by both. Far from granting free choice, the legislation promises to deny it at the workplace and to potentially erode the foundations of free elections everywhere else.

It’s no secret why big labor interests are pushing the bill. Over the last few decades, union membership in America has plunged from 34 percent of the workforce to 12 percent today. Union bosses are rightly worried about their political future, and they are asking the Democrats in Congress to do their dirty work.

In contrast to Jeanne Shaheen’s repeated dodging regarding her support for EFCA, Senator Sununu has chosen to defend American workers’ right to the private ballot. Read the entire editorial here.

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