Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Card check is a basic “human right”?

Stalin, Mao, Hussein, Castro. When you think about these 4 men you think of the horrible atrocities and total disregard for human rights they committed. They had no regard for human life or the suffering of their fellow countrymen. They put their subjects to work in prison camps for days with little to no food. They murdered whole families on a hunch they were dissenting from the government’s policies. They even denied them overtime pay and paid family leave if a member of their family was sick! They also failed to allow them to vote to organize and any public mention of organization was not met kindly.

Luckily, we live the United States. Americans are free to dissent against the government policies they don’t like and even make up lies to back up their claims. In America we value the right to a private ballot. Every 2 or 4 years we cast our votes in a voting booth, alone. If we don’t like the leadership, we vote to change it.

The pro-EFCA crowd is now trying to equate their undemocratic policies with basic human rights. As seen in this video they are trying to scare others into believing the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act that actually takes away a worker’s right to a private ballot is now a “human right.”

One of the pillars of our republican form of government is the importance of a private democratic election ballot. Big Labor now seems to be doing whatever it takes to scare people into agreeing that taking away a private ballot is now a basic human right.

So long to the right to equality and privacy and hello to the new human “right” – the right to have your private ballot vote substituted for a public card check.


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