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Tom Allen supporter rallies against EFCA

Ron Bancroft, a strong Tom Allen supporter, has written an OpEd in today’s Portland Press Herald exposing the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act for what it is: an attack on traditional democratic values.  This must come as a major blow to Allen, who has been attacking opponents of his bill as liars and anti-union.

The Employee Free Choice Act is not likely to improve the lot of U.S. workers, but it would improve the leverage of U.S. unions. It is the kind of law that politicians sponsor from time to time to please the proponents, figuring that it has little chance of being passed.

Bancroft has confirmed a belief many Mainers have had since Allen sponsored the bill in the House.  Tom Allen has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Labor.  The Big Labor special interests plan to spend over $300 million dollars electing pro-EFCA politicians.

From my perspective as a Tom Allen supporter, it is hard to reconcile his support of this legislation with the more pragmatic and thoughtful positions he usually espouses…I simply have to hope that, on closer examination, he sees the “Employee Free Choice Act” is anything but that.

Tom Allen was campaigning for Senator on the hope that his sponsorship of card-check legislation would go unnoticed.  Unfortunately for him, this bill has made it to the forefront of the debate on workers’ rights to a private ballot.  Under EFCA, this right is taken away and a public contract is put in its place.  An overwhelming majority of Mainers oppose this legislation and now even Tom Allen’s own supporters are publicly against EFCA.  When will Tom Allen wake up?

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