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White House to Prohibit Card Check?

The Wall Street Journal’s Kris Maher reports this morning that the White House is set to release an executive order barring larger government contractors from acquiescing to union’s demand for card check recognition.

The executive order would require large government contractors to use secret-ballot elections for union organizing or risk losing government contracts, say people familiar with the order. Though companies typically prefer secret ballots, some are willing to accept card checks to avoid a fight…
Rick Berman runs the Washington-based Center for Union Facts, which opposes card-check campaigns. He said he was aware of the order and called it “long overdue.” He said the order shows “the government is not going to promote the hijacking of democracy through their government-contracting process.”

Carter Wood over at ShopFloor put it best: “And it might be fun to see what stage in labor rhetoric comes after apoplectic.”

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