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EFCA Supporter Amy Klobuchar Considers our Card Check


We presented Minnesota Senator and EFCA supporter Amy Klobuchar with our version “Card Check,” the one our friends at AFSCME found so objectionable.

Before her handler stepped in to cut us off, Senator Klobuchar seemed a little clueless, perhaps realizing the absurdity of what we were suggesting.  If only her union pals had been there to provide her with talking points.

In our follow up discussion with the Senator’s staffer, he seemed almost offended that constituents would dare ask her an actual question about an actual policy issue.  In the end, he was pretty doubtful that our plan would “pass Constitutional muster.”

Gee, ya think, Mr. Chief Justice?  Seems like another case of a politician imposing a system on others they would never live under themselves.


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