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Rep. Chandler dodges “card-check” question

On Friday at a Lexington business forum, Warren Rogers asked Representative Ben Chandler about his support for “card-check” legislation. After Mr. Rogers explained the legislation and questioned why Chandler supported the measure in 2007, Chandler danced completely around the issue to avoid answering the question.

He addressed the “living wage” and acknowledged that businesses have the “goal to compete in the global economy”…….. we’re not sure he actually knows what he voted for when he voted for H.R. 800 in March 2007. Or maybe he was just too embarrassed to admit in front of 300 constituents that he voted for a bill that removed every little bit of democracy from the workplace.

Chandler knows that while speaking in front of the pro-business community, voicing his support for the Employee Free Choice Act might not go over so well. It’s a shame that he can vote for a bill in Washington D.C. one day and dismiss his actions the next depending on who’s in the audience.

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