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More EFCA Evasion From Ashwin Madia


Workers have the right to organize any way they want to,” so says Congressional Candidate Ashwin Madia.  As a lawyer, albeit one who recently allowed his law license to lapse, Madia knows that isn’t the way the law works today, nor would it be under the EFCA bill he has promised to support. 

Madia is well aware that today workers are entitled to a private ballot election where they can vote their consciences while under EFCA, union organizers, not workers, will decide how to unionize.  They aren’t going to pick the private ballot method that’s available to them today.  They will use the more coercion-friendly card check method. 

In our attempts to get Madia to explain his support, we’ve never had much luck getting a real answer.  We’re not sure if that’s because he doen’t really understand the issue and can’t get beyond union-provided talking points or if he does understand the issue all too well and knows it can’t stand public scrunity. 

Whatever the case may be, Ashwin Madia sure isn’t anxious to talk about it.

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