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Governor Owens Takes EFCA Calls, Chats with Congressman Schaffer

The issue of preserving private ballot elections for workers continues to heat up.  Guest host Governor Bill Owens, in for Mike Rosen on 850 KOA, fielded several calls regarding the Employee Free Choice Act, and its most egregious failing, that it will remove the private vote from union elections and subject workers to intimidation by union representatives, management, and fellow workers.

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Another caller continues to discuss the issue with the former Governor, and they get deeper into the details of private ballots, the ramifications of Big Labor intimidation in the workplace, and the importance of the issue in the Senatorial and Presidential races.  Congressman Mark Udall openly supports this bill, as does presidential candidate Barack Obama.  

EFCA only failed in 2007 because US Senate Democrats didn’t have the votes to break the Republican filibuster (at the same time, Mark Udall was voting with a large Democrat majority in the House), and the Congress has not moved on it recently because they know that President Bush would veto it.  Obviously this could all change if Mark Udall takes the open Colorado Senate seat and Obama ascends to the Presidency.  Passage of this bill would be a disaster for workers and small business.  

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One of the guests on the show today definitely has an opinion on the Employee Free Choice Act, former Congressman Bob Schaffer, who is opposing Mark Udall for the US Senate in Colorado. 

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More people continue to weigh in on the issue, and Coloradans for Employee Freedom will continue to work to show the people exactly what negative consequences this bill will have on the American worker!


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