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Colorado Senator Wayne Allard Discusses Card Check

Recently Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado took a moment to discuss the Employee Free Choice Act with talkshow host Mike Rosen on 850 KOA.  He defends the secret ballot for employees, and calls the card check bill/EFCA “irresponsible”.  He points out that the private ballot is a tradition that we must preserve to protect workers from intimidation from unions, management, and fellow employees. 

         Senator Allard comments on EFCA

He also comments that any Democrat gains in the coming election will increase the chance of this deceptive legislation becoming law.  Democrat Congressman Mark Udall is running for Senator Allard’s seat, and as a cosponsor and ‘yes’ vote on the bill in the House of Representatives in 2007, he continues to support this legislation.  Should he win, the Democrats will be one step closer to trampling workers’ rights and opening the flood gates of union organization.  Coloradans for Employee Freedom agree with Senator Allard that this legislation must not pass for the good of our workers and our state.

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