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Landrieu Finally Answers The Question


After weeks of avoiding questions regarding her role in co-sponsoring “The Employee Free Choice Act”, Sen. Mary Landrieu finally answered the question: “Do you support a worker’s right to a secret ballot election when unionizing the workplace?” Her answer: she’s for a “fair process”.

One might wonder of Sen. Landrieu’s definition of a “fair process” is taking away an employee’s fundamental right to a private ballot vote. In fact, 58% of Louisianians oppose taking away a private ballot vote when it comes to unionizing the workplace. Even union members agree. Nearly half of Louisiana’s union households oppose changing the way unions are formed.

In her answer she also said that ‘this (EFCA) is a big issue we’re going to debate.’ We can only hope that in the coming months Sen. Landrieu will be open to such a debate and stop ducking questions from concerned citizens.

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