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Why so shy? Senator Landrieu dodging all spontaneous questions

After seeing activists protest against her sponsorship of the Employee Free Choice Act, Senator Mary Landrieu has interestingly shunned all regular constituents from asking her questions.  Because of her high seat vulnerability, she and her advisers are dodging questions about the controversial card check issue at all costs. She avoids these EFCA activists like Pestilence.


Co-sponsorship usually indicates serious support for and fluency with a bill.  Why do she and her advisors act like she needs to be briefed on it before even beginning to answer questions from harmless constituents?

Perhaps Landrieu, like many other legislators and candidates, is finding that faux-democracy “card check” is an undefendable issue.

Labor union PACs don’t have much to show for the $100,000+ dollars they’ve spent on the Senator’s campaign.  Senator, would you like to elaborate on your EFCA co-sponsorship?


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