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Jeanne Shaheen Changes Her Stump Speech


At her last two public events, Governor Jeanne Shaheen has taken time out of her stump speeches to point out a constituent with a video camera. Shaheen says:
“…I also wanted to introduce the gentleman in the back, so everyone understands who he is. He is here tracking for an anti-union organization, and if you’ve seen the full-page ads they’ve been running against me and against working people, that’s who he’s with. I happen to disagree with the positions that they’ve taken, I think it’s important to support workers in this state and most of us would agree that workers should have the right to orgainze, they should have the opportunity to make a living wage, and to get benefits and health care, and that’s one of the things I support in this race for the United States Senate.”

Interestingly, the only question this constituent has submitted to Governor Shaheen has been whether she thinks that workers should have the right to a private ballot on whether they organize. He’s said nothing about the right to organize, the right to get benefits, or any of the other list of woes she projects against him.

It’s unfortunate that Governor Shaheen feels the need to attack constituents who want simple answers to simple questions.

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