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Al Franken should apologize to Minnesota business owners


Al Franken has rationalized his support for the Employee Free Choice Act by smearing tens of thousands of honest, hard working Minnesota business owners. Franken alleges that the Senate must pass EFCA and take away the private ballot from Minnesotans deciding whether to unionize their workplace because of “intimidation.”

What proof does Franken present to defend such a baseless claim? What businesses does Franken cite as evidence that we have too much democracy in Minnesota workplaces and that, therefore, we must take away the private ballot?

You get the picture.

In fact, according to the National Labor Relations Board’s own data, employers wrongly fire employees just 2.7 percent of elections.

As usual, Franken is trying to change the subject and hide the fact that his 21 union endorsements and hundreds of thousands in big money campaign contributions are causing him to throw Minnesota workers under the bus.

The private ballot right enjoys the support of 95% of Minnesota workers. In order to justify his opposition to something so overwhelmingly popular, Franken has come up with yet another wild and outlandish story, similar to the explanations about his tax and workers’ compensation problems.

It’s time for Al Franken to stop making baseless charges that he can’t back up. It’s time for Al Franken to put Minnesota workers ahead of the Washington special interests. Most of all, it’s time for Al Franken to tell the truth.

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