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Teamsters Strike Against Car Hauling Company Despite Harm to Members

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters may have driven 1250 car-hauling union members right out of their jobs. The stalemate over contract terms and pay cuts has brought Performance Transportation Services, who delivers cars for such companies as General Motors and Ford Motor Company, to a standstill.  While union heads remain resolute in the strike, average union members are looking at the unemployment line:

Even a one-day strike could force the company to liquidate, [PTS Chief Executive Jeff] Cornish said. “The longer this goes on, the more chance the Teamsters are going to extinguish their own jobs and all the other jobs at PTS.”

While the strike is crippling PTS, it is failing to have any measurable impact on the industry:

The impact on the automakers has so far been minimal. Cornish said that union and non-union haulers were picking up PTS’ work.

Is a strike that is closing a company, losing union members’ jobs, and not having any measurable effect on the industry really protecting union workers?

Image from westbound.

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