Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Where is Al?

Al Franken seems to have gone into hiding, a peculiar way to run for the United States Senate.  Despite his claim to be a man of the people, Franken has all but vanished from public appearances.

Oh sure, he’ll do media interviews, he might even show up at tightly controlled partisan Democrat events, or those of his very liberal supporters, but getting up close and personal with Minnesotans, not so much.

Beyond his well documented vulgarity troubles, which go far beyond what is appropriate for this family blog, Franken probably wants to hide because he’s so out of touch on so many issues.  He’s so beholden to liberal special interests that he just doesn’t want to face Minnesotans left behind by his left-wing agenda.

Take the issue of card check, the union power grab that will take away the right of Minnesota workers to have a private ballot in a union organizing election.  Franken’s salute to the 21 unions that have endorsed him has left Minnesota workers out in the cold.  If I had taken away such a fundamental right from Minnesota workers, a right that 95% of Minnesotans – that’s right 95% – support, I guess I might hide, too.

Meanwhile, when Franken receives the DFL Party endorsement on Saturday, how will he be elected?  By secret ballot.  The DFL Party apparently still believes in democracy, even if one of its primary constituency groups, Big Labor, and most of its candidates and elected officials, do not. 

Maybe after he’s endorsed – by private ballot – this weekend, Al Franken will come out of hiding and tell Minnesota workers why he wants to take away their fundamental right to a private ballot in union organizing elections.  Then again, I wouldn’t count on it.

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