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What Would Make Unions Cut a Democrat?

Looks like former Kerry campaign strategist Chris Lehane violated Big Labor’s omerta — he was just cut from Change To Win’s strategy cast after people found out he was helping media companies during the writers strike.

By the way, the Kos-sacks have some strong words for the “major league ass.” Where was this kind of talk when CTW picked Lehane as a strategist, and what does it say about them that they chose this guy?

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UPDATE: Jane Hamsher over at Huffington Post argues: “There is a limit to what you can do and still work for progressive organizations.” With all due respect, there is no such rule for people who run progressive organizations, which is far more galling. ACORN — which effectively runs two SEIU locals —  busts unions! (pdf). And SEIU has hired a firm that helps organize employees, except its own. If there’s any hypocrisy here, it’s on the part of union officials.

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