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Monday Protest Schedule: Straw Men and Rich-Bashing

Gotta hand it to the creative (if not emotionally imbalanced) guys who have miraculously found themselves in charge of the Service Employees International Union. They’re the only guys I know of who do more street theater than our Center for Union Facts team (see here and here and here). But even for these guys, the schedule for ridiculous stunts is a bruiser.

At 11:00 am some SEIU scoundrels in Florida will be “counter-protesting” against the snark-astically named “Billionaires for Bush,” a group designed to malign the president for policies ostensibly favoring the rich. Thus SEIU gets to spend its morning working against a straw man, taking the art of kabuki theater to new heights.

At noon, other SEIU folks will be protesting the headquarters of actual billionaires — or, more accurately, a company that manages billions of dollars — when they carp about private equity firm Carlyle and its ownership of some nursing homes where SEIU officials would like more power.

You know, this busy schedule can be a killer. So, apparently, can overly aggressive anti-corporate smear campaigns employing front groups to attack American business — they can get you sued if you’re a misguided union boss. ‘Twould be a shame if it happened to the good folks at SEIU.

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