Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

AFL-CIO Sides Against Families, Religion

There are some dark, bewildering corners of the blogosphere. Chief among them, it seems, is the AFL-CIO’s blog, cleverly named AFL-CIO Now blog. Two recent posts there remind us why fewer and fewer Americans want to be members of unions run by out-of-touch, anti-family labor officials.

In one post, the AFL-CIO’s main blogger, Tula Connell, sets her sites on the No Child Left Behind law. Whatever you think of the law, increased accountability for failing schools should be a top priority for fixing our broken education system. What’s standing in the way? Powerful education unions, which the AFL-CIO includes among its members.

The second post may be even more troubling. The federation claiming to represent the interests of 10 million Americans actively participated at the YearlyKos panel titled “Slugging It Out with the Christian Right.” It’s exactly this kind of unnecessarily radical political bent that makes unions so unattractive to people of faith.