Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

“Business Agent” Redefined

If teachers unions in New Jersey are led by shady characters, whom can you trust? It seems that Tom Favia, president of the Jersey City Education Association, has been running a travel agency out of the union office — for 38 years. As The Jersey Journal reports of the firm, called United Teachers Alliance of Hudson: “The phone number listed on flyers advertising UTAH trips happens to be the JCEA phone number and union secretaries field incoming UTAH phone calls. Favia acknowledged he handles UTAH business during office hours. Flyers advertising UTAH’s trips are prominently displayed inside the JCEA office.”

As the Journal‘s editorial board put it: “Even if the union is not answerable to the public, one has to wonder whether educators teach ethics in the school system?”

One gap in the reporting: there’s no word on whether Favia’s business is unionized.