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UFCW, Smithfield, and Card Check

We’ve told you … several times … about the campaign by United Food and Commercial Workers strategists to unionize Smithfield employees without letting them have a personal, private vote whose integrity is overseen by the federal government. Instead, UFCW continues to run its anti-corporate smear campaign tarnishing the company’s image in hopes Smithfield will simply throw its hands in the air and its employees into the waiting arms of the union. No such luck so far — but there’s an interesting story out of Tar Heel, North Carolina.

We won’t belabor the point, so see the story here. But there was an interesting quote from a local professor, whose expertise should be called into question after making this gaffe: “I am not sure if the card-check is the best way to resolve issues at Smithfield … But I don’t see anything else being offered.” Whoa, Nelly! The company is practically begging to hold a real election. That point has been discussed here.

Time for the professor to hit the books and study up on the subject. We suggest he start here.

UPDATE: Thought you’d want to see another quote from the story:

“Just let us vote and get it over with,” said Sarah Hayes of Dillon, S.C. “What is the problem with us voting? We will see how it goes with the letter that we sent. If that doesn’t work, we just have to take other measures.”