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Some Nurses May Get a Vote

At the Center for Union Facts, our belief is that everyone who wants a union should have one as long as every employee gets a personal, private vote in an election overseen by the government. That’s the only way to avoid coercion of employees. But union bosses who are looking to add new members, quickly, say that the current process of elections is broken — instead, they want to codify “card check” organizing which steals workplace democracy from employees.

But there’s yet another recent story which puts the lie to the claim of a broken system. Some nurses at a Florida hospital — though by no means a majority yet — say they want to join SEIU, which is a leader in the fight to end secret ballot elections. Yet when the possibility of adding 300 new dues-paying members comes up, the union-seeking nurses say the “next step is to file a petition with the National Labor Relations Board.” Good for them, let’s see how the election comes out.

But what about people who don’t get the right to that vote? Can SEIU leaders seriously say some employees deserve that right, while others don’t? That’s a question we’ll have to keep raising as the union becomes more and more desperate to maintain its growth.