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PR Week Looks at Anti-Corporate Campaigns

We regularly discuss the anti-corporate campaigns employed by modern labor leaders. Now PR Week is taking note of the phenomenon and the challenge it prevents to employers. The publication notes:

Accounting for much of the success unions have had of late in organizing workers has been the savvy use of so-called “corporate campaigns,” where an organization’s reputation is attacked in a bid to win concessions for rules that make organizing employees easier.

It specifically notes SEIU, whose tactics are highly questionable:

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), above all, has been a leader in these tactics, though communications director Steve Trossman says SEIU prefers to call them “corporate social responsibility” campaigns. Hospitals, for example, that resist remaining “neutral” on the benefits or disadvantages to employees of forming a union – staying silent during the organizational efforts, in other words – often find themselves targeted by the SEIU for allegedly violating environmental or zoning rules in planned expansions or other real-estate development projects.

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