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UFCW to Members: “we can and will retaliate”

Call it what you like: clear, concise … maniacal. We just came across a letter (predating the Center for Union Facts’ existence) illustrating how UFCW officials view their members. Described by labor reformers this Sunday as “recent,” it carries the signature of UFCW 324 president Greg Conger, who has been mentioned on our blog before for his dubious representation of members. UFCW’s message to members considering their rights to distance themselves from the union ahead of potentially destructive strikes: “we can and will retaliate.”

The whole thing is worth reading, but here’s the heart(lessness) of the letter:

While we have not yet established any picket lines, you can rest assured that if you, or any other employee, should cross a Local 324 picket line at any struck or locked out store, we can and will retaliate.

You have our guarantee that Local 324 will retaliate and discriminate against any of our members (including “dues paying only” members) who scab in the following ways:

  1. This Union will fine you for crossing the picket line and, if you do not pay, this Union will sue you in State Court to collect the fine and our attorney’s fees;
  2. This Union will put you on trial for your misconduct before a special Trial Board, consisting of your fellow members, that will be established to punish scabs;
  3. This union will publicize what you are doing by publishing your name, and the fact that you are a scab, on the front page of its newspaper, which is mailed to all of our members;
  4. This Union will send a letter informing all of our members that you are a scab; and/or
  5. This union will place your name on an “Official Scab List” and will post that list on every Union bulletin board in our jurisdiction.

As they say, membership has its privileges.

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