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Latest SEIU Move Raises Questions for ACORN Chief

Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union has thrown $500,000 of his members’ money at a new organization designed to help young people with financial planning (sadly, the irony of a union boss managing young people’s money was not mentioned in coverage by The New York Times). There are obvious questions to be asked, but they’re coming from an unlikely source — Wade Rathke, chief organizer of the SEIU-affiliated ACORN.

Queries the chief:

So, what is this really? Is this a way for SEIU to aggregate lists of younger workers for other reasons either organizational or political? Let’s hope so. On it’s face unless something like that is the case, this seems like a project that doesn’t make much sense for SEIU or much of anyone else.

So it’s either nonsensical or a ploy to get contact info for young people. Great.

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