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Hunger Strike Surrounds SEIU Again

Once more Service Employees International Union officials have found themselves in the middle of a hunger strike. Last year it was the ridiculous fight in Miami for janitors to avoid a secret ballot election when they were trying to form a union. There at least four people were removed from the picket lines for health problems, including one person who reportedly had a mild stroke.

Now, SEIU is trying to get a higher minimum wage — $15! — for janitors at Harvard (maybe they have PhDs). Apparently considering themselves “socially conscious,” a labor-affiliated student organization has called its own hunger strike. One student has already been removed from the lines to be treated by doctors.

SEIU says it’s not responsible for calling the starvation plan, but they certainly could stop this. Once again, a hunger strike supporting SEIU is relying on the absurdity of hostage-takers’ logic: you can prevent this if only you meet our demands. Sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt.

You can read the story from Harvard’s Crimson newspaper. Try to keep your breakfast down — at least the protesters won’t have that problem.

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