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Disagree with the Teachers Union and Get Smeared

I’ve come across at least two blogs putting up photographs of teachers choosing not to comply with the strike against the Hayward school district in California’s Bay Area. I’m not going to link to the blogs themselves, but I will link to this Daily Review editorial condeming such unprofessional, unkind behavior:

Teachers union President Kathy Crummey said she thinks the blog is “very clever.” And union rep and teacher Paulette Albert praised it on her own blog, “Hayward Educators Together!,” in an entry that was subsequently deleted.It’s not clever. It’s not even adult. The photos do nothing but cast Hayward teachers in a negative, unprofessional light.

The union has been adamant that teachers aren’t resorting to physical aggression on the picket line, but posting anonymous photos of “scabs” (and, by the way, Hayward teachers probably should know that’s a derogatory term) is just as bad as getting physical.

It’s obviously meant to intimidate subs and nonstriking teachers into fearing for their safety, and their reputations. Otherwise, why do it?

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