Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

More Meandering and Pandering

Yesterday we outlined just some of the ways politicians kowtow to union bosses . Today we added one more piece in that vein. But because it seems selling out employees’ rights isn’t enough for demanding labor leaders, here are two more cases of political pandering worth noting.

First, former Sen. John Edwards is going to “walk a day” in the shoes of an SEIU member. Actually, there’s nothing inherently wrong with understanding employees’ concerns (perhaps he should look into their ability to join a union via secret ballot). It is, however, one of the steps you have to climb just to kiss SEIU president Andy Stern’s ring. That, and we’d prefer Edwards walk a day in a union boss’s wingtips.

At the same time, Edwards is also part of the ménage à trois of Senators hoping to be President that are attacking the firm Securicor. The company’s subsidiary, Wackenhut, is currently facing an anti-corporate campaign by SEIU. Edwards is joined by Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Maybe the union is trying to save on the cost of press releases by cramming all three names together? Nah, that’d be too fiscally responsible for SEIU.

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